DEEP-X 300

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Condition: New
Length: 75mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating


The DEEP-X300 is a long anticipated deep-diving crank bait that adds dimension to the DEEP-X series. With a diving depth of 5m (almost 17 feet) and a much larger body size than the 200 and the 100, the DEEP-X300 will let you invade the depths where lunker fish routinely hide. As with its other DEEP-X brothers, the 300 is equipped with the MULTI-WAY MOVING BALANCER SYSTEM(PAT.). That means the 300 will dive almost vertically in order to maximize effective cranking distance and will also respond to every little twitch or jerk you send to the bait. All of the DEEP-X series crank baits will allow for the conventional bottom-digging method for creating those strike-inducing irregular darting actions, but what makes the DEEP-X series so unique is their mid-water twitch/jerk action, which appeals to the fish at any depth. The 300's colors are uniquely developed for the lower light environment of deeper water.


The main weight itself, which accounts for 55% of the center of gravity of the weight when casting, is backed to the end of the body. The main balancer with small diameter and high specific gravity, and the newly designed internal structure with a large balancer travel distance generate strong inertia in the direction of the lure's trajectory. In conjunction with the wing-shaped lip for in-flight rectification, it maintains a stable balance and straightness in flight.

When diving, the main weight is moved to the front of the body for tighter penetration of the structure by rapid diving. Due to the synergistic effect of the main balancer with its small diameter and high specific gravity, it generates more than 200 rapid-diving vectors in the past. Depth-maintained trace length expands.

As it dives, the weight in the front part of the weight shifts back to the center part (5.5:4.5 balance), and the B.L.H.PAT. (Balancer Lock Holder) holds the center of gravity shift caused by the shock of contact with obstacles, to realize a stable horizontal swim.