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Condition: Unused
Length: 75mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

High-appeal sound hits the deep !!

The DEEP-X 300 POWER KNOCKER uses Megabass' proprietary blend of bone resin as its body material. The hardness of the resin has been increased and the specific gravity made lighter than that of conventional bone material, resulting in a hard, highly appealing sound. It actively triggers the reaction bite of neutral fish.
In addition, the action response has been improved by reducing the specific gravity of the body material itself.
The crisp, high-pitched action enhances the body vibration. The use of a movable tungsten weight has also improved its long castability.
The DEEP-X 300 POWER KNOCKER is a high-performance deep crank that Megabass has thoroughly tuned from a "material" perspective.


The main weight itself, which accounts for 55% of the center of gravity of the weight when casting, is backed to the end of the body. The main balancer with small diameter and high specific gravity, and the newly designed internal structure with a large balancer travel distance generate strong inertia in the direction of the lure's trajectory. In conjunction with the wing-shaped lip for in-flight rectification, it maintains a stable balance and straightness in flight.

When diving, the main weight is moved to the front of the body for tighter penetration of the structure by rapid diving. Due to the synergistic effect of the main balancer with its small diameter and high specific gravity, it generates more than 200 rapid-diving vectors in the past. Depth-maintained trace length expands.

As it dives, the weight in the front part of the weight shifts back to the center part (5.5:4.5 balance), and the B.L.H.PAT. (Balancer Lock Holder) holds the center of gravity shift caused by the shock of contact with obstacles, to realize a stable horizontal swim.