Used DOG-X Jr. COAYU 1999

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Condition: Used
Length: 71mm
Weight: 1/5oz
Type: Floating

Dynamic slides and turns that glide vividly across the water

DOG-X Jr. is not simply a downsized version of our original DOG-X. It is certainly a bit smaller than DOG-X as the name indicates, but it is equipped with a new lengthwise moving balancer as well as the now familiar SIDE-STEPPING MOVING BALANCER (PAT.) of the original DOG-X. This new balancer pushes the bait while walking, so that the roll-walk action of DOG-X Jr. is sharper and more dynamic for its size. The point is that smaller bait does not have to suffer from a smaller action. The action of DOG-X Jr. will remind you of the baitfish chased by a predator, frantically ripping and skipping the water surface. Also, you will find out that casting and retrieving DOG-X Jr. with F1 or F2 class Destroyer bait rods is extremely enjoyable due to their high compatibility. If you want to experience the fastest and the smoothest dog-walk action of your life, you must go for DOG-X Jr.


In addition to the conventional left and right inertia, front and rear inertial motion is added. When the lure slides to the left and right, it is pushed forward significantly to increase the amount of slide. Super-appeal and panic action unlike that of a small pencil. There is a hole between the two weight booths on the tail part to hit the tops of the two weight balls when the bait hits the water, which generates an elaborate click sound.