Unused DX-FREE 3.0

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Condition: Unused (Some scratches)
Length: 75mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

We will provide you with tuning baits for "winning" by the fierce competitors who have won all over the United States.

The DEEP-X series continues to produce high results all over Japan.
Of these, the DEEP-X 300 boasts high catching power and lunker hunting ability not only in Lake Biwa but also in reservoirs throughout Japan.
The systematic diving crank "DX-FREE" series is a version of the DEEP-X 300 that has been tuned to suit a variety of situations, including water depth, terrain changes and productive zones.
While maintaining the volume and body balance of the DEEP-X 300 body, the lip area and line eye angle settings have been refined and rearranged to thoroughly capture a variety of diving ranges at the same retrieve speed.
While the original DEEP-X 300 traces a depth of 3.5 to 4.0m, the DX-FREE 3.0 accurately traces a 3.0m line, while the DX-FREE 2.0 can trace a 2.0m line. It enables anglers to use the lure in a variety of ways, from delicate contact with weed tops at 2.0m to active contact with structure at 2.5m.
Not only does it have the overwhelming flying distance and high-pitch wobbling action that only the DEEP-X 300 can provide, but it also perfectly reproduces bite opportunities when the wobbling action changes to a rolling action after reaching maximum depth. The systematic range cranking "DX-FREE" series adjusts to the range of the structure and weed tops it comes into contact with, creating a strategic science game that has never been seen before.