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Condition: New (Box has deformation)
Length: 235mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Slow Floating

New concept 4-joint plug "EELER" is born !

EELER is a new concept slide bait with a long, 4-jointed body that undulates from side to side, creating a swell-type action. Its natural swimming action produces an overwhelming feeding action, and can bring several fish out of one honey spot, as it can be hooked without spooking the fish. The 4-jointed body allows for a much wider range of motion, which makes it possible to hook short bites and rough strikes without fail. It is attractive because it can be cast with a versatile rod with a medium action of F4 class. The appeal of its unprecedented slender silhouette and realistic swell action with a light pull will turn on clever monster fish floating in the middle layer as well as in the shallow range. EELER, a new concept lure with immeasurable potentiality infused with Megabass technology, brings a new dimension of fishing performance.