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Condition: New
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Original FLAPSLAP descent !

The FLAPSLAP has earned a unique reputation not only in Japan but also overseas for its amazing rolling and flap-and-slap action with a built-in shaft balancer. The special bending shaft balancer is mounted slightly offset from the roll axis of the action to eliminate any loss of action caused by weight shifting due to center of gravity shifting, and is placed along the bottom of the body form with a very low center of gravity. This produces a pendulum action that displaces the roll action, and despite its slim body, it has the same water flow agitation as a fat crankbait. This is the reason why the "FLAPSLAP" is called the "FLAPSLAP".
The speed at which it swims instantly after landing on the water is breathtaking. The unique high pitch screw drive produces an intense strobe flash and over-enacts the fleeing shad.
It is a flat side bait of another dimension that contributed greatly to our victory in the 2016 BASSMASTER Classic.


The crank shaft balancer (PAT.) is mounted on the roll axis of the lure to create a high-pitch rolling action that produces unprecedented ultra-fast flickering. The high body twists and flops from side to side at high speed, generating powerful waves at high pitch. The high-speed vibration and flickering flash appeal to a wide range of fish on clear lakes and attract fish with its overwhelming presence in muddy water.


The instant the retrieve is stopped, a pendulum action is generated that makes the lure shake from side to side. This natural reaction brings the monster to bite.

Voice of builder

The current FLAPSLAP model, FLAPSLAP-LBO (PAT.), quickly became popular not only in Japan but also in the US, Europe, and Asia upon its debut. It has become a standard production item at the head office factory in Hamamatsu City.
The extremely thin and tall body design tends to make the action rough due to slight shifts or misalignments in the center of gravity and line eye position that occur during the design and mass production stages. The FLAPSLAP, however, has an axial LBO weight set on the roll axis and the center of gravity thoroughly positioned on the roll axis. This high, ultra-thin, flat body, which would normally create a large water current resistance, is a high-speed rotating body that continues to dance beautifully in the water, performing an extremely smooth high-speed roll action and attracting the target with its intense rolling and flushing. The origin of the rod shaft balancer (LBO II) with an internal bearing ball that enables ultra-low drag transition placed on the roll shaft can actually be traced back to the "Shaft Balancer PAT." built into the VISION95, which was realized in early 2000.
About two years later, the shaft balancer was bent and deformed and crawled all the way to the bottom of the body to contribute to the ultra-low center of gravity, and the ORIGINAL FLAPSLAP was made with the total manual efforts of our craftsmen.
The ORIGINAL FLAPSLAP is cherished as a rare secret bait, especially by some professional tournament players in the United States.
Like the ONETEN, some anglers look for the original bait in good condition as a trump card to "win," and good quality baits are collected and contributed to Edwin Evers' victory in the 2016 BASSMASTER Classic. It has contributed to limit making with ONETEN in the Bassmaster Elite Series many times before, and the MOA (MEGABASS of America Inc.) logistics center in the U.S. has received so many inquiries asking if they have any stock of the original ones from those days.
Unlike the current LBO equipped models, the ORIGINAL FLAPSLAP is not equipped with a rod-axis balancer that is aligned with the roll axis of the action. The (exquisite) misalignment between the center of gravity and the action roll axis, caused by the shift of the axis, creates excessive water resistance when the roll action occurs, and this small, thin shad body has a large water agitation impact on the surrounding area.
Moreover, when the retrieve is accelerated, the axis of the roll action occasionally shifts to generate a pendulum action, producing an intense strobe flash with an inconsistent optical axis.
Moreover, when the retrieve is accelerated, the axis of the roll action occasionally shifts to generate a pendulum action, producing an intense stroboscopic flash with an inconsistent optical axis.
I myself have faced many tough fishing locations in the past, and have experienced many explosive fishing miracles with the ORIGINAL FLAPSLAP on TV locations such as Fishing Vision's "Mega Complex", DVD locations, and graph filming interviews for magazine companies, but the big fish that exceeded my expectations were mixed in with the catch. I remember, when I was on location shooting a video for Rod & Reel magazine (now defunct), I caught a 60cm-plus fish on the last cast, and I myself was amazed at the unique fishing performance of the FLAPSLAP.
The reason why it drives fish so crazy is because there is no other fishing or lure in existence that has the same quality of impact.
Megabass Factory's mission is to produce only truly great products on a permanent basis.
The timelessness of catchability exists in a timeless dimension.