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Condition: Used
Length: 77mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating


ITO's Shaft Lancer System, which broke new ground as a new system for next-generation jerkbaits with VISION95. This lure generates an astonishing rolling action and flap and slap action that could not be seen in conventional shad-type lures by applying the "shaking motion" of the crankshaft. When twitched or jerked, this new type of flat side secret can easily produce a slap action with a strong impact to set up a bite, which conventional minnows cannot produce. The FLAPSLAP is a new generation of flatside lure that foresees the inevitability of shallow water fishing in the near future. the FLAPSLAP has been designed with a shaft balancer to achieve ultra-slim packaging that exceeds the limits of body volume allowed by conventional injection hard baits. The synergistic effect of the flush-surfaced, built-in mouth lip form achieved with the BAIT allows the lure to fly to its full potential even with a medium-heavy action bait rod. The outstanding long castability of the FLAPSLAP overturns the common sense of shad plugs, and realizes a long distance approach in strong winds where conventional shad lures could not work. The FLAPSLAP's unique action and flickering flashes will turn on monsters that have lost interest in big baits. The FLAPSLAP also has the ability to avoid obstacles reminiscent of the MARGAY, which allows it to attack shallow water without hesitation, and the bouncy pendulum action after the retrieve stops that attracted the VISION95. The FLAPSLAP has a super slim body with a lot of fishing experience. Cunning monsters can't escape the ITO technology again.


ITO's shaft balancer mechanism was adopted for the first time in the world in the VISION95. In the FLAPSLAP, only the rear end of the low center of gravity shaft balancer, which is set on the roll axis, is set up by unbalancing it from the roll axis. The strong wacky action created by the rolling motion of the eccentrically cranked shaft produces a dynamism that a slim shad body could not produce. The acrobatic action produced by twitching and jerking, which conventional slim minnows could not produce, is the reason why it is called "Flap Slap". In addition, the "shaking back" action after the retrieve is stopped, which turned on many slippery bass with the VISION95, has been inherited in the FLAPSLAP.

The FLAPSLAP is equipped with a shaft balancer mechanism, which makes it agitate the water while rolling violently from side to side like the VISION95 when reeling. The FLAPSLAP's built-in crankshaft produces a greater action than a straight shaft due to the oscillation of the shaft during roll. The FLAPSLAP's built-in crankshaft is designed to create a greater impact on the FLAPSLAP's unique wide and flat body.

The FLAPSLAP can easily pass through structure (riprap, laydowns, timbers, tetras, tops of weeds extending 1 to 1.5 meters below the surface...) scattered in shallow areas at depths of 1 to 1.5 meters. Its unique flat and wide body side creates a strong water displacement with a strong impact. When trolling, it produces a wacky flickering flash while agitating the water with its wide rolling motion. When the retrieve is stopped, the bite action (pendulum action), which is well known in the VISION95, makes the lure tremble and react to rod work such as twitching and jerking, and the lure flips itself acrobatically. In this way, FLAPSLAP has the power to turn on active fish in shallow water with its excellent castability, high structure avoidance ability and strong impact. In addition, the shaft balancer system (PAT.) enables a silent approach without alarming big fish that tend to spook.