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Condition: Used
Length: 77mm
Weight: 7/16oz
Type: Suspend

Equipped with the LBO II, the FLAPSLAP is reborn !

The FLAPSLAP has received acclaim around the world for its phenomenal action and life-like detail, proving an indispensable addition to crankbait and jerkbait arsenals alike. Now equipped with the next-generation LBO II (PAT.) moving balancer system, the FLAPSLAP LBO rockets into the future with unrivaled casting distance. The nearly frictionless ball-bearing design of the LBO II (PAT.) balancer system leaps instantly to the tail section to power exceptional casting distance, then shifts to its front, low center-of-gravity position to deliver the storied action for which the FLAPSLAP is already well-known.
Now tuned to suspend, the FLAPSLAP LBO can be burned, twitched, and paused above submerged weed beds and other target-rich environments, showing off its beautiful profile and elegant finishes to elicit bites from even the most discerning targets. Exquisite design, hydrodynamic form and balancer system combine to deliver not only the tight-wobbling action anglers expect from flat-sided crankbaits, but a difficult-to-achieve, wide-rolling action that sends enticing flashes throughout the water column. Additionally, much like the original, the FLAPSLAP LBO can be twitched to perform erratic darting rolls that displace water and display huge flashes to call in targets from distance, and trigger reaction bites from followers.


1. Equipped with the LBO system, the maximum castingdistance      is increased by 20% .(With Megabass Products)
2. The inertial impact generated by the super-low resistance weight.
3. The devastating action response that allows for instant swimming.