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Condition: New (Some stain on the back of the paper mount.)
Length: 60.0mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Competition-specific cranks change the way you fish !

Knuckle is a competition-specific crank bait equipped with Megabass' unique FX System, a transformation system designed to help anglers win.
It pursues ultimate adjustability to instantly respond to a wide variety of situations, areas and ranges with a single touch.
The knuckles are designed to prevent any irregular trajectory up, down, left or right for ultimate straight-line stability. The lure has a high-stability setting that allows it to be retrieved at any speed without losing its action, and continues to produce exciting vibration and action.
Not only does it target "resident" fish, which is the target of conventional shallow water cranks, but it can also be used to catch monster fish migrating in the middle of the water.
In addition, the knuckles create dynamic water agitation that appeals to a wide range of fish. The movable area of the flexible lip, which is intentionally created in each mode setting, produces an attractive fluttering action when it comes into contact with obstacles. The lure's ability to avoid obstacles has been thoroughly refined.

MODE: Ft.5
Depth 150cm (5t.)
Appeals with its high-pitch wobbly roll action while maintaining a long range. Unlike conventional shallow water cranks, this lure attracts cruising fish that migrate far below the surface with its intense flickering effect and stimulating, sharp vibrating waves that rival vibration plugs, even in the mid-range of open water where there are no obstacles.

MODE: Ft.1
Ultra high pitch and vibrating action in the super shallow range just below the water surface at depths from 0 to 30cm (1ft.) for a fast moving game.
Furthermore, by twitching and jerking on the water surface, it enables a variety of top water games.