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Condition: Used
Length: 90mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Equipped with flashing plate !

The FX series are real flat-sided minnows created by the sensibility of Japanese craftsmen.
The FX9 is equipped with a "variable resistance flap bill PAT.P" that flaps the lip when cast, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing casting distance. This makes it possible to realize a long shot that overturns the conventional wisdom of lightweight slim minnows. Furthermore, the flap bill changes according to changes in the water flow during a jerk, creating an unpredictable and variable action. This is exactly the panic action that small fish show when encountering a feeding fish eater. The FX9's high-response setting with its "center-of-gravity dispersion mount" produces a "screw rolling" action on a straight retrieve, with a high-speed flickering S-stroke action. When the retrieve is stopped, it rises up and escapes with its head up.
The FX9 is a secret bait developed to make spooky monsters bite in a single stroke, with its infinite action, long-range attack, realism, and bite size as the keys to success.