Unused GIANT DOG-X 2002

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Condition: Unused
Length: 98mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

A sharp quick turn that cuts into the water

Just like the original DOG-X and DOG-X Jr., GIANT DOG-X is built to roll-walk. Roll-walking does two things. It pushes (displaces) more water and exposes the sides of the bait to the fish underneath. If bait simply skates left and right, it pushes the least amount of water and only its belly is visible to the fish below. That is why roll-walking is critical. At the same time with the high buoyancy and rather tall body design, GIANT DOG-X effectively eliminated the slow movement, the inherent problem with the larger baits. GIANT DOG-X‘s action is now controlled by a tungsten balancer.

Hydro Gill (PAT.P)

One of the characteristic actions of the GIANT DOG-X is the dog walk while showing the guanium reflective surface on the side of the body to fish under the water. To achieve this action, the Hydro Gill (PAT.P) was introduced along with the Inertia Balancer System (PAT.) and the Seesaw Balancer System (PAT.). The introduction of the Hydro Gill has made it possible to achieve a bite that gouges the surface of the water during the left and right dogwalk. When the lure is dogwalked, the gills (gill lanes) generate bubbles and splashes at the same time, and the synergistic effect with the dogwalk increases the catch.