GIANT DOG-X SW fimo Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 98mm
Weight: 16.5g
Type: Floating

Real Impact Pencil Bait !

GIANT DOG-X SW is a real impact pencil with a rolling dogwalk accompanied by a fluttering motion to create a flashing appeal to targets below the water's surface. The hydro gills on the body produce a sound and splash as they cut through the surface of the water when turning. Combined with the flashing when floundering, this lure has a strong impact like a fleeing bait fish, and can turn neutral fish into a feeding state. The weight setting specially designed for saltwater, which was developed in consideration of water entanglement and action, produces a responsive action to rod work even on the surface of the ocean where waves are generated. Even when dogwalking at high speed, the lure does not jump out of the water, but makes a fluttering turn and splash sound to appeal to ocean fishes. The increased weight also increases flying distance.