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Condition: New
Length: 147mm (Tail mounted: 200mm)
Weight: 1-5/8oz
Type: Floating

GORHAM turns tough conditions into feeding theater !

Yuki Ito's treasured lure, the "GORHAM," has finally arrived. GORHAM, also known as the "Tree of the Universe," is a new type of feeding bait that brings a mysterious feeding awakening to distant neutral targets. GORHAM's articulated body is equipped with two synchronized LBO II systems. This system solves the problems of conventional jointed lures, such as the loss of casting distance caused by changes in posture and the feeling of delay at the start of the action caused by the separated body. The LBO II system has realized an ultra-long distance game with a direct feeling that overturns the conventional wisdom of jointed lures.
The unknown super wide surface game that expands the attack range overwhelmingly doubles the number of targets that respond to it. The lifelike displacement provided by the unique rumble tail stimulates the fighting instincts of neutral targets that are hesitant to attack the surface. The "GORHAM," the guardian god of the big game, may be the sacred tree that leads anglers who tackle tough water surfaces to another dimension of fishing results, saving them with dramatic results.


The Twin Spark LBO (PAT.) is equipped with LBO II on both sides of the jointed body, and the casting impact caused by the instantaneous shift of the center of gravity of the two lures produces an amazing propulsive force that overturns the conventional wisdom of jointed lures and realizes super long distance game fishing. Furthermore, the two LBOs are synchronized to immediately start action the moment you put your hand on the reel handle. The coaxial and synchronized weight mount produces excellent action stability without any breakdown even in rough water.

The GORHAM's original rumble tail, which produces an irregular grind and fluttering sound in the lateral direction and a splash and bubbling sound in the rear. GORHAM's original rumble tail, which produces a splash and bubbling sound in the rear, is the third jointed part of the lure and follows the action with suppleness. Designed from ITO Engineering's hydrodynamics, this teaser part is an excellent fish attractor that produces lifelike action and appeal.