Graet Hunting GH110 ONETEN

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Condition: New
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 13.5g
Type: Slow Floating


The KING of JERK BAIT "VISION ONETEN", which has been producing solid results against all kinds of tough fish-eaters in the world, is now available in the GH110, a model specially designed to get extremely high response from trout.
The special color of GH110 is the result of our research and development of special settings that have received a high response from trout. The unique underwater sliding action, based on ONETEN's original vivid wobble roll and producing precise changes in trajectory to the left and right by twitching and jerking, has been adjusted for big trout and is extremely effective. The two center-of-gravity shifts caused by the ultra-high specific gravity tungsten weight create responsive jerking dynamics and stable long-distance castability even under strong winds. The "ONTEN" produces constant fishing results in big trout fields, such as main streams and lakes.


The balancer fixed at the front low center of gravity position overlaps with the roll axis of the rolling action to produce a more dynamic action. The rear moving balancer is equipped with the multi-purpose center of gravity shifting system Mk-2 (PAT.), which not only increases the flying distance but also contributes to the production of trick action.

High specific gravity tungsten small diameter balancer weight

The high specific gravity tungsten small diameter balancer weight ensures an ultra-long weight lane despite the slim body form. Two high specific gravity small-diameter balancer weights that move to the tail end of the body when cast realize a new dimension of "flying" that far exceeds the flying distance of conventional bass minnows. It also produces a variety of trick actions when jerked or twitched. In addition, the low center of gravity fixed weight set in the front part of the body provides excellent stability and sharp tight rolling action during straight retrieve.

SR-X type flaky meandering trajectory by fast retrieve

ONETEN swims with a "dizzy" trajectory to the left and right by fast retrieve or simple stop & go. This creates a change in the linear swimming motion and enables the lure to pick up active fish efficiently.

Dynamic trick action by rod work

ONETEN is set up to produce wider and more dynamic dart action than ever before, as requested by US tournament professionals. The lure has a sharp and tight rolling action when it is rolled for free. When power jerked or twitched at high speed, it creates a dynamic and irregular escaping action with a sharp dart that flies sideways.

Swims well even with a slow retrieve
ONETEN has a slow-floating setting. Even with a super dead slow retrieve, which would spoil the action of conventional suspending minnows, the bite opportunities are created with its steady movement.