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Condition: New
Length: 45mm
Weight: 1.7g (Floating) / 2.9g (Fast Sinking)
Type: Floating / Fast Sinking

GREAT HUNTING finally awakens !

The unique flat side shape produces a "high pitch roll" action with strong "agitation" and "flicker" that appeals to big trout that are turned off by conventional minnows.
When twitched, the lure causes a wide dart in a continuous left-right trajectory, stimulating the fighting instinct of neutral fish. It is specially designed to thoroughly induce reaction bites.

Equipped with the original "鬼手仏針" hook

GREATHUNTING is equipped with the original "鬼手仏針" an original hook that instantly catches even the slightest bite.
The unique hook is light, thin, and supple, and penetrates the jaws of native fish that have been trained in harsh environments.