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Condition: New
Length: 48mm
Weight: 3.2g
Type: Slow Floating

GREAT HUNTING finally awakens !

The GREAT HUNTING 48 Dive is a trout bait game model inherited from the DNA of the Megabass Smolt, which is highly acclaimed all over the world, and was created specifically to capture native trout in the current watershed.
It is designed to make contact with spots where resident trout lurk, such as egrets on large rocks where the current hits, rock fish and browns lurking on the bottom of scattered ragged rocks. The active pinpoint fluttering on contact with egrets and rock bottom stimulates the fighting instinct of trout.
This is the first cranking minnow in Japan designed specifically for "diving hits" on trout.

Equipped with the original "鬼手仏針" hook

GREATHUNTING is equipped with the original "鬼手仏針" an original hook that instantly catches even the slightest bite.
The unique hook is light, thin, and supple, and penetrates the jaws of native fish that have been trained in harsh environments.