Unused GRIFFON Bait Finesse SR-X

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Condition: Unused
Length: 38mm
Weight: 3/16oz
Type: Floating

The little bomber !!

The second generation Griffon, which was created by upgrading the performance of the first generation Griffon, is now available in a downsized model. Based on the "functional and comfortable shape" created by Yuki Ito's experience and sensitivity, the lure retains the "pinball action" that occurs when it comes into contact with obstacles or the bottom, as well as the quick recovery power from the breakaway and escape action. The lure is designed with the latest hydrodynamics for use with bait fishing tackle.
It is a finesse power crank that allows anglers to enjoy the series concept of "compact size" and "super impact" more intuitively.

Performing pinball action

The Hydro Intake at the bottom of the tail gives the lure high buoyancy and strong water biting action. This structure ensures that the lure does not jump out of the water even on the fastest retrieves. The fins on the lower part of the body side are designed in a cup shape to wobble the lure during the swim and also to hold the water well. This generates powerful waves that are unbelievable for its compact body size.

Size comparison