Halloween 2019 POPMAX / Gatta-X TURBULENCE Limited Color SP-C

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It comes in two colors!
Halloween Pumpkin 2019" with its bright fluorescent orange, and "Dark Night Halloween 2019" with its GLX (Galaxy) base and lame glowing suspiciously through the cracks of the crack.

On the sides of the body, orange stripes are casually painted in a slightly darker tone with slightly different shading. It further enhances the pumpkin feeling.

The back of the body is accented with a vivid metallic purple color.
The color changes beautifully depending on how the light hits it.

The face of the lure has an M (metal) finish.
The rest of the lure's body is finished in GLX (Galaxy), which gives the lure a translucent look in backlit conditions and a diffused glow in well-lit conditions.
The back of the lure is painted with a crackled finish, and the Galaxy purple glows suspiciously through the cracks.

Only the Grasshopper X Dark Night Halloween 2019 has a cool black base finish instead of the GLX (Galaxy) finish.
The back of the lure's wings are metallic purple, just like the Halloween pumpkin.
The color changes beautifully when the light hits it.