i-WING FRY happy halloween 2020 Limited Color SP-C

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Special paint job on the i-WING series with the image of a bat. The coloring and the honeycomb silhouette reminds you of a bat with its wings open. The bat flying suspiciously through the night sky has been expressed in the Megabass style.
Length: 66mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Reaches way, way farther than any winged lure of the past !

Following in the footsteps of the i-Wing, ITO Engineering, with Yuki Ito at the helm, has finally released the top-secret i-WING FRY, designed under a veil of secrecy to catch even the cleverest fish on the first bite. In shallow areas normally attacked with crankbaits or spinnerbaits, simply reeling in the i-WING FRY will bring your target to the surface, with a stunning power that explodes through the water. Once it was deemed impossible for a winged lure to have a moving balancer, because of how the crawling action works, but ITO has successfully developed a proprietary format, available for the first time in this lure. By analyzing the “power points” and “action points” generated by the Linear Bearing Oscillator (LBO) of the moving balancer system, as it responds to a variety of likely actions, Yuki Ito has designed a brand-new hydrodynamic body especially for the i-WING FRY, so as to synchronize the movements of the central axis of the LBO and the rolling axis of the lure.
The innovative design, which increases buoyancy in a manner reminiscent of a hovercraft, enters the lineage of unique simulated fish like the POP-X, brought to you exclusively by Megabass.
In concert with the neodymium magnet, the shaft balancer of the LBO moves reflexively as the lure changes position, creating (1) “instant action,” (2) “optimal form after splashdown, to rapidly correct the LBO,” and (3) “instant magnetic anchoring.” In other words, the lure starts working the second it hits water, doing things no winged lure has done before, and exhibiting a stunning directability so that your target bites on the spot. The i-WING FRY responds instantly, even to the slightest control of the line slack. Always in motion, it draws the target in. 

Defying preconceptions of winged lures, and dismissing headwinds as irrelevant, the long-distance castability maximizes and amplifies productive areas like no lure of its class. On top of that, the tuned hydrodynamic body is equally in control on extremely slow retrieves and on faster retrieves liable to come tearing through the surface, demonstrating incredible stability. This is a lure that keeps on swimming, adapting to whitecaps and all manner of rough surface conditions. Simply reeling in the lure will catch plenty of fish, but shaking introduces wobble action and subtle undulation. Little twitches will produce the side-to side rotation or splash action seen with pencil bait.  If you're looking for a winged lure that has the finesse and impact on bite chance of worm lures, look no further than the i-WING FRY.

The rolling axis of the lure and the balancing shaft of the LBO II (PAT.) are coaxially arranged for synchronous action, in a world first for winged lures. From the slowest reeling action to the speediest retrieves, the stability is harrowing, and the high-pitch crawling action is transcendent.

When casting, the shaft balancer instantly adjusts. This gives the lure crushing castability.

After splashdown, the shaft balancer is immediately guided by the neodymium magnet, locking the oscillator in position—ready to spring into action.