i-slide 135B

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Condition: New
Length: 135mm
Weight: 1oz
Type: Floating

Swimbait like a bass !

The i-slide 135B is equipped with the Mag Hold System (PAT.), which secures the hook to the body. The hook assist slit and enhanced magnetic field prevent the held hook from slipping sideways, ensuring stable swimming at any retrieve speed. The reduced presence of the hook creates an overwhelming advantage in clear water with good visibility. In addition, the fixed hook point allows for a smooth hook set without losing hooking power. This contributes to the improved hooking rate that has been a problem with conventional jointed lures.
In addition, like the original, i-slide 185, it has an extremely smooth slalom action and a quick, sharp kick turn. The slalom action attracts fish, and the twitching action (360° (three-sixty)) leads to reaction bites, allowing anglers to fish for bites.
It is set for slow sinking at about 10℃ to 15℃. The type may change depending on the field conditions and water temperature. Adjust with hook size, split ring, weight, etc.


The "MAG HOLD system (PAT.P)" uses a neodymium magnet built into the body to generate a magnetic field. The front and rear hooks are held on the body to reduce the presence of the hooks. Especially in the field of clear water, the silhouette of the hook, which was one of the reasons for being overlooked, is added to the body so that the presence is reduced. For swim baits, which are often overlooked, the diluted presence of hooks leads to an overwhelming improvement in the bite rate.

Furthermore, by fixing the hooks that hinder the sharp action, the water flow resistance is reduced, realizing a smooth S-shaped action and sharp turns. You can develop aggressive fishing that you bring to the bite with a sharp reaction against the target gathered in silhouette.

360° turn

The 360° turn created by twitch was created by the synergistic effect of MAG HOLD and asymmetrical weights. By setting a turn on the chase bass, he suddenly escaped from the view of the bass. When the bus is noticed, it will appear right in front of you and let you use your mouth in reaction.