i-slide 185 Floating

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Condition: New
Length: 185mm
Weight: 2oz
Type: Floating

i-SLIDE floating tuned model !

The i-SLIDE, which revolutionized the world of jointed big baits and is immensely popular all over the world, has been specially set up as a floating type.
The mag hold system is intentionally uninstalled. It pursues a linear left-right slide and dogwalk turn that directly responds to rod work. The sharp agility of the lure makes it possible to attract serious bites and create a game that stimulates feeding.
It is also equipped with Megabass teaser hooks as standard equipment, making it effective in drifting and dead-sticking methods. It stimulates the predatory instincts of fish eaters by directing bait fish floating unprotected on the surface to get them to bite.
It is also possible to adjust the size of the hook and ring to suit your preference, such as suspending or sinking, according to environmental changes such as water temperature and quality, or by attaching a tuning weight to the body.

Recommended position for adding tuning weights