i-SLIDE 262T

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Condition: New
Length: 262mm
Weight: 6oz
Type: Slow Sinking

More than just Big !

The I-SLIDE262T, a 262mm long big bait, features a fierce face design that foreshadows aggressive fishing in homage to the large fish, the tarpon.
The I-SLIDE262T has a large, relaxed S-stroke action. The hook is double-ringed without a mag-hold to widen the hook's range of motion and increase the hooking rate due to the wide action. It is ITO Engineering's largest and ultimate weapon against monsters, designed to kill monsters that do not turn around even when approached with big baits or small worms.

Type Setting

The weight is set to slow sinking at about 10°C to 15°C when the lure is equipped with standard equipment. It may change to a floating type depending on field conditions and water temperature. Please adjust the hook size, split ring, and plate weight to the desired type. When adjusting the body of the lure, please make sure that the angle at which the body floats (sinks) is "horizontal". The lure may have difficulty swimming.

Tail Setting

The I-SLIDE series cannot show its full potential if the tail is bent.
If the tail is left bent, it will quickly become kinked. When storing the lure, remove the tail to avoid deformation.