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Condition: Unused
Length: 80mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Floating

Just reel it in slowly to generate a bait fish boil !
A series of explosions on the water surface !

The "Triple Fly" is the latest addition to the popular i-wing series that has been sweeping bass fields around the world, and offers an amazing fishing performance in tough conditions. The ultra-thin baitfish wings on both sides of the lure create a unique bobbing motion, and when retrieved at dead slow speed, the lure generates a fine, lazy wave motion full of life. The rolling dance of the body and the jointed float tail combine to create a fish ball with multiple baits struggling and clinging to each other on the water surface. The slower it is pulled, the more the silent surface of the water suddenly explodes with this unprecedented panic bait.

Baitfish wings to create a school of bait

The ultra-thin, molded left and right baitfish wings create a rolling crawl. Combined with the swinging float tail, it creates a "school" of multiple baits bouncing around on the water surface. It makes the silent surface of the water explode.

Equipped with LBO II (PAT.)

・The LBO system increases the maximum distance by 20%.
・Inertial impact created by ultra-low resistance weight
・Threatening action response for instant swimming
・The ball bearing contacts the inner wall of the lane and the weight moves instantly.
・World's highest level of durability to withstand over 100 million casts