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Condition: New
Length: 105.0mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

Scream X Double Prop A Scream X double prop that explodes the water surface with a "hatakick" action created by its own propeller form. The Scream X Double Prop achieves dynamic performance by arranging chopper props around the body. Unlike conventional double swishers, rod work enables light dog walking and table turns with reduced travel distance. Please approach the monster bus by all means at a spot here where Scream X Double Prop creates a violent hatakick action.

Prop Sound & Splash

The Scream X double prop is set to reverse the direction of rotation of the front and rear props, so that when the rod is held underhand and a short jerk is applied, a violent prop sound and splash is produced. At this time, it glides on the surface of the water while twitching its body, and when it pauses, the spiral body automatically restores its body posture. It is effective for high-tempo searches over a wide area. It is also effective for monster bass that are feeding on the surface of the water.

Dog walk & Table turn

Like the original Scream X, the Scream X Double Prop can produce a variety of actions depending on the angler's rod work. By under-holding the rod and twitching continuously, a dogwalk action can be created while raising a splash with the back and forth counter-rotating setting prop. A strong slow jerk will appeal to lunkers in pin spots by making table turns with short moving distance.