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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 148mm
Weight: 3/4oz
Type: Floating

Orca, the third Scream X.
The common keyword of the Scream X series is "the pleasure of creation". The original Scream X had "a wide variety of action variations" and the Scream X Jr. had "technical maneuverability", but the Orca can be handled by the angler to create "transformative action" that exceeds the angler's intentions. The more you use the lure, the more you will feel more confident and attached to the lure. The pleasure of "creating" your own unique lure action, and the pleasure that comes with your own style of surface game. The more you use Orca, the more you become addicted to its magical power.

Transformable flap-tail quikbait
Orca's most distinctive feature is its metal flap tail, which flutters and slaps the surface of the water as soon as the action is initiated by rod work. The tail also produces a unique flapping action as it kicks and stirs on the surface of the water in conjunction with the dogwalk (turn) to the left and right. The irregular action produced when it kicks the surface of the water, the unique slapping sound of the metal parts, and the nimble movement produced by the prop body do not negatively affect full-size baits.... The movement of the orca is as if it has a mind of its own, attracting fish from a wide area. The high buoyancy of the balsa material allows the angler to use rod work with line slugs to create jumps (head banking), dogwalks, quick table turns, dives, and slides that are impossible with regular full-size pencil baits. The rod work with a headbanking & dogwalk, quick table turns, dives & slides, which are impossible with a regular full-size pencil. The unique water push and splash sound produced by the scream head is effective not only for active fish in shallow areas, but also for neutral suspended fish.