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Condition: Unused (some scratches)
Length: 115mm
Weight: 1/2oz
Type: Suspend

A high-appeal jerkbait that generates
"stimulating strong waves"

The "ITO SHINER" was developed for US competition in response to enthusiastic requests from Megabass's proud USA tournament stars such as Aaron Martins and Edwin Evers. To commemorate its release in the U.S. mainland, it will also be available in Japan on a limited basis.
This high-appeal jerkbait has an extreme "bait-like movement" and generates an unprecedented "stimulating strong wave motion" that has an overwhelming power to attract bass migrating over a wide area. The swimming action of the jerkbait, which shows a glimpse of the back of the body, enhances the flashing effect and attracts fish as well as feeding. The lure is designed for speedy game management, something that American tournament fishermen are dying for.
The dive range is set at 1.8 to 2 meters to directly hit the fish migrating to the first break. The wide side dart to the left and right triggers reaction bites.

Equipped with a receiving cup in the center of the lip to achieve a good rise and a sharp dart when jerked.

Taking advantage of its flat-sided body, it appeals to bass scattered over a wide area with its intense, high-pitch flickering.

Equipped with three tungsten weights. It expands the range of attack from the shore and makes it possible to capture points that could not be directly hit before.