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Buzzbait for "winning !

Based on the popular OROCHI-BUZZ in the U.S., the "Jamaica Boa" is a US tournament buzzbait specialized for competition specs to efficiently fight in wide areas. The rattle chamber suppresses propeller rotation when casting and the rearward center of gravity of the head produces an overwhelming flying distance, enabling comfortable searching in wide-area shallows. The manta prop is specially designed for "switching" that generates mighty water flow agitation and high-pitched sound to surely convert targets into feeders. In addition, a tough special hard steel wire is used to improve the wire strength, which can be said to be the crying point of buzz baits. It can drag super monsters out of heavy cover and boldly respond to strong head shakes. The Jamaica Boa is a super-aggressive buzzbait loaded with heavy-duty specs for "winning".


The unique "Manta Prop," which is reminiscent of a stingray, has an eccentric shaft axis with an asymmetrical through-feed that produces dynamic waves and a wacky sound with an irregular rotational torque. Its overwhelming ability to agitate water flow stimulates the feeding habits of neutral fish and generates many bites.


The V-FLAT & HOVER-CUP HEAD realizes "cover runnability" and "stability to recover posture" after contact, enabling skillful dodging of obstacles. The rearward center of gravity design provides excellent long castability even in headwinds. The hover cups promote more floatability on ultra-slow retrieves, making it stress-free from landing on the water to surfacing, and enabling a comfortable surface retrieve with quick pickup.


The "rattle chamber" attached to the lower arm shaft makes contact with the rotating manta prop and produces a unique, high-pitched, hard sound. The strong shockwave stimulates the fighting instincts of monsters lurking in deep water and lures them to the surface.