KANATA+1 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 160mm
Weight: 1-1/8oz
Type: Floating

Far Beyond !

KANATA+1 is a flat-sided minnow with a maximum diving depth of 3.2 m, 1 m deeper than the KANATA original. Like the KANATA, despite its 160mm size, the Plus One has an extremely light resistance to pull, allowing an F5 (MH) class rod to search and contact break zones in a wide area at a high tempo. The high pitch roll action, which has been refined, creates an extremely natural tight action that does not look like a big body, and a high flickering effect that spreads over a wide range to attract the target. The unique "Tungsten Triple Oscillating System" built into the extremely slim baitfish-like flat side form enables an impressive ultra-long distance cast, even in headwinds. The KANATA+1 is a lunker hunting minnow that combines an overwhelming presence with a natural impact that stimulates the predatory instincts of the target fish, allowing it to approach monsters wider and deeper.

The slender body with a width of 10mm produces a sharp darting action.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillation System