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Condition: New
Length: 160mm
Weight: 30g
Type: Floating

160mm long body jerk bait

We developed the high impact jerkbait "KANATA" based on the theme of how to attract a target that is obviously feeding on a large bait without being seen. Despite its large size (160mm), KANATA Ayu has very light pulling resistance, which enables anglers to search the area at a good tempo with a MH class rod. On a straight retrieve, it has a high-pitch roll action for realistic flickering appeal. ITO's unique tungsten triple oscillating system, which is built into the slim flat side format that has been shaped to the utmost limit, makes it possible to make super long casts even in headwinds. In extremely tough conditions, the long approach will fool monster fish in an extremely natural way. It has an overwhelming presence that cannot help but attract the attention of big bass, and its natural swimming action stimulates their predatory centers. The "Kanata Ayu" will take the field by storm.

The slender body with a width of 10mm produces a sharp darting action.

Tungsten Triple Weight Oscillation System