KARASHI IGX Limited color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 60mm (IGX 60) / 70mm (IGX 70)
Weight: 2.8g (IGX 60 Floating)
               3.1g (IGX 60 Sinking)
               4.6g (IGX 70 Floating)
               4.9g (IGX 70 Sinking)
Type: Floating / Sinking

Use it to "win"
The Next Generation of i-Shaped Systems !

In the early 90's, Ito fished in the fishing video program "X-BITES" that shook many bass fans. The XLAYER's "Sue Pull" fishing method, which has shown overwhelming explosive power on media locations, may be the prototype of modern I-shaped fishing. The IGX is a new generation of I-bait that combines the knowledge of Mr.Komori, a top tournament athlete with an extremely logical approach to bass fishing, with the experience of Ito. The unique keel head, created by the latest hydrodynamics, has excellent straight-line performance, and at the slightest change in retrieve speed, it produces a fine action that compensates for the change in body posture, as if it were suppressing the rocking back of the boat. Just pulling the lure slowly will produce an illusory pull wave and the stability action of the IGX body will boldly bring in bites from clever fish that have given up on conventional I-bait. When you want to catch a big, sluggish bass that won't respond to a standard approach, the KARASHI series is the lure for you. The tougher the field becomes, the more the difference between the KARASHI IGX and other I-stroke lures becomes evident in the overwhelming difference in fishing results. KARASHI IGX is a superb product that should be used by anglers who want to tackle serious fields where the slightest difference can make all the difference.