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Condition: New
Length: 70mm
Weight: 7.0g
Type: Floating

Wake Bait Revolution !

KIRINJI 70 is designed with the same hydrodynamic "4 INTAKE 4 OUT" structure (PAT.P) as the 90mm size. It spontaneously adjusts and takes in only the water flow necessary for wake action, providing anglers with an ultra-nimble retrieve feel with absolutely no resistance, while continuing to swim with an amazing ultra-high pitch roll that surely attracts the target fish.
The KIRINJI 70 is also a popper that can be used to draw out active bites, and its water-through mechanism (PAT.P) produces a bubble and splash that is very effective for sea bass and bluefin tuna fishing. It is also effective for seabass and black sea bream games.


The "4 INTAKE 4 OUT" structure spontaneously adjusts the water flow to create effective action.
Stunning ultra-high pitch roll with a light, stress-free retrieve feel.

As a wake bait, it always swims with a steady wobble and roll in all wave conditions and currents, creating many opportunities for bites.
Also, when used as a popper, it produces a bubble-like slide and splash to actively attract the target.