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Condition: New
Length: 150mm
Weight: 70g
Type: Floating

Unprotected power UP !
Evolved "swimming" !

Experienced anglers can easily imagine the remarkable performance of the large, flat body of 150 mm in length. Designed with a body size and silhouette closer to that of an actual gizzard shad, the KONOSIRUS SHAD has an overwhelming impact on lunker sea bass and yellow tail that do not respond to regular sized lures.
The crankbill with a reduced frontal projected area allows the large body to be retrieved with little resistance. The high specific gravity weight with a low center of gravity placed in the belly moves the weight of more than 20g to the rear end of the body when casting, creating overwhelming castability. When it swims, the low center of gravity immediately positions the lure and produces a vivid roll and flashing action that is highly appealing to fish-eaters that are positioned around schools of gizzard shad and in the lower layers of the water, waiting for a chance to prey on them. Experience the incredible power of this lure against selective big fish that prey on gizzard shad.

Target Range

Original Crank Bill

Specially designed lip shape enables a light retrieve with low winding resistance and high pitch, sharp swimming.

Three-weight center-of-gravity shifting system
Three high specific gravity weights create strong inertia force when casting and provide outstanding castability.

Swivel hook eye

Super low center of gravity balancer mount
A high specific gravity weight placed in the lower part of the body produces a sharp rolling action. It produces an overwhelming flickering impact.