LATES Feeding Woofer Limited Color FINE ART FA SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 16.8g
Type: Floating

Power up !
Further breaking the surface of the water !

LATES is a realistic stick roller bait that rolls violently just below the water's surface, creating a natural impact on under-range targets. The flicker produced by the violent rolling is like a school of migrating bait. When the surface of the water is disturbed by wind, the flickering impact is even greater, appealing to targets in the lower levels. It is an extreme surface minnow that floats and catches monsters on the move. It is easy to use. Simply retrieve at slow to medium speed. You can also slow down the retrieve and let the lure float to the surface, or hover it at a slow speed to keep it in a certain surface range, which will induce a reaction bite. The slow retrieve with a reel equipped with a high gear makes this operation even easier. Slapping the lure with a twitch is effective in topwater fishing. The instantaneous sliding action with a fluttering action creates a realistic panic bait. The Rollerbait LATES is a lure that turns on fish-eaters that are in the upper layer of consciousness and makes up for their feeding. We hope you will experience the power of this special minnow, which is a deep pursuit of surface minnowing.