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Condition: New
Length: 120mm
Weight: 16.8g
Type: Floating (RATTLE IN)

Let it float and catch it
Surface Power Minnow, LATES !

LATES is a real stick roller bait that rolls violently just below the surface of the water to create a natural impact on under-range targets. The flickering action created by its violent rolling is like a school of migrating bait. When the surface of the water is disturbed by the wind, the flickering impact is even greater, appealing to targets in the lower layers. It is an extreme surface minnow for catching migrating monsters by letting them float.
It is easy to use. Just retrieve at a slow to medium speed. Also, by slowing down the retrieve occasionally and letting the lure float to the surface, "Rise Up and Roll", or by letting the lure dive and then hover and roll at a constant surface range at a slow speed to keep it from surfacing, it triggers reaction bites. The slow retrieve with a high gear reel makes this operation even easier. In the top water game, twitching and slapping is effective. The instantaneous sliding action while fluttering creates a realistic panic bait. The Roller Bait LATES is a lure that turns on fish eaters that are conscious of the upper layers of the water and makes them feed. Please check out the power of this special minnow that pursues surface minnowing in depth.