Used Live-X MARGAY 1997

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Condition: Used
Length: 68.5mm
Weight: 6.7g
Type: Suspend

MARGAY is the core of the Live-X series, which is indispensable for wide range fishing in all seasons. Its reliable catching power, which Ito loves so much, has not diminished at all since its debut, and it continues to reign as a super-hit plug. In the X-Bites STAGE4, Ito challenged the shallow riprap shallows that his predecessors had beaten with soft baits and shallow cranks, with the Margay, and the anglers were able to get a rush of bites and consecutive strikes. As before, the Margay can be used with hard spinning rods and light bait rods, but it also has a new setting that allows it to be cast with medium class bait rods. Equipped with ultra-high specific gravity small-diameter weight that shifts the center of gravity to Margay's super slim tail end. The balance settings of each section have also been readjusted to make the lure's vivid movement even sharper, and the twitch action produces a quick kickback action like a shrimp, further improving the response of the Margay, which has always been attractive for its agile movement. The lure's constant catching power has been further refined.