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Condition: New (The box and paper have discoloration.)
Length: 68.5mm
Weight: 6.8g
Type: Suspend

The LIVE-X MARGAY is the answer to Megabass' quest for the ultimate in movement realism, reproducing the response of the LIVE-X LEVIATHAN in a compact 68mm length. MARGAY has been developed as a minnow with two contradictory characteristics on a straight retrieve, it has a rhythmic roll action that is delicate,
ultra-tight and consistent, and once jerked or twitched,
it transforms into an acrobatic irregular attractor.
This instantaneous change in action will turn on the attack circuit of fish eaters. In addition, MARGAY boasts an amazing strike rate not only for bass, which is its original target, but also for big trout migrating to the sub-surface. A high specific gravity tungsten ball is used to shift the center of gravity, enabling smooth casting not only with spinning tackle but also with light action bait rods.
The all-season MARGAY is the ultimate trick action bait that pursues a variety of uses.

■ Multi-purpose center of gravity shifting system with MK-II T PAT. Produces acrobatic trick action.

■ High specific gravity tungsten weight realizes "sharper movement" and "smooth casting".

■ Effective for all methods including straight retrieve, twitching, jerking and dragging.