LIVE-X MODEL1 Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 74mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Legend has a sequel !

In 1990, Live X, the origin of today's Megabass injection-molded lures, finally returns with overwhelming fishing performance.
It is not a shad. It is not a minnow. It is not a crank, of course.
The state-of-the-art hydrodynamics with built-in LBO II produces ultra-fast flickering and live action from ultra-dead slow to
ultra-high speed without fail. The performance is truly a live bait that places priority on forcing neutral fish to turn on their prey at any time and in any situation. It is the impact of "live bait.
The aerodynamic form, which Ito derived from approximately 800 hours of aerodynamic testing, achieves long distance castability that increases distance by more than 30% in headwinds and against winds, compared to the distance of a lure of the same volume. It has succeeded in increasing its ability to carpet-bomb a wider and more diverse range than ever before. In shallow water of less than 2m depth, where conventional diving crankbaits are not good at, it shows its dexterous ability to avoid getting stuck and continues to lure tough fish, showing its performance to make them bite. The ability to awaken feeding fish to bite up cruising fish at depths of 3.5m or deeper is unique to Live X, which has further updated the special abilities of the original Live X. Catch tough fish that could not be caught with shad. Turn on the feeding switch on the nose of neutral fish that did not respond to the one-ten jerk. The second phase of the LIVING LEGEND was launched to reliably kill slow fish that do not like the wave action of cranks. This time, those of you who missed out on the explosive fishing experience of the first LIVE-X 30 years ago will experience it for yourself. You will experience the true meaning of "LIVE-X".


The weight unit with built-in bearings is instantly guided and fixed by the neodymium magnetic field in front of it. The action starts instantly as soon as the retrieve starts.


A magnetized and fixed low center-of-gravity weight unit functions as a shaft balancer. The point of force and the point of action are synchronized with the roll axis of the action. Realization of rare responsiveness. Produces a high pitch roll drive with intense flickering.