Unused LIVE-X REVENGE 2001

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Condition: Unused (some scratches, hooks are replaced)
Length: 90.5mm
Weight: 12.6g
Type: Suspend

Live-X REVENGE looks a lot like LEVIATHAN, but that is where resemblance stops. Slightly more slender than LEVIATHAN,REVENGE`s actions are controlled by a completely new balancer system. REVENGE`s diving range is between 6 and 10 feet, the most frequently used range, and shallower than LEVIATHAN. In a way, REVENGE is an easier and handier bait to use than LEVIATHAN. Also, REVENGE comes with MEGABASS original GUANIUM finish


Based on the multipurpose center-of-gravity shifting system MK-II, this compound-operating center-of-gravity shifting system has been tuned specifically for Revenge.
It not only controls irregular posture changes during twitching and jerking, but also controls the prime of swimming.
Four independent weights are balanced inside, only one of which is fixed. The head weight is movable to create a forward leaning posture to produce dramatic kickback during jerking. Irregular trick action is created by the rear two weights.