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Condition: Unused
Length: 48mm
Weight: 3.5g
Type: Suspend

You can catch fish. Easy to use. Cute. Live X Smolt.
The 48mm ultra-small body, determined from the body shape and size of Japanese fingering baits, beautifully reproduces the Live X action. The Live X Smolt can be enjoyed by a wide range of anglers, from female anglers to tournament anglers. It is a high-performance miniature lure that can be used for bass, trout, saltwater fishing, and everywhere! This is a high-performance miniature lure.

Thick reinforced lip
To prevent the lip from bending or breaking at the base of the body after a fight with a big fish, pulling it out, or recovering it from a root break, which has been a weak point of small plugs in the past, the space between the body and the lip is thickly and densely compressed. Highly durable and reliable design that does not affect the basic action even after long-term use

Long keep trace at a fixed depth
The flat head designed with a lip angle and a 12-degree differential angle enables the lure to swim in the same layer of the water,
which has been a weak point of small plugs. Even if you use a thicker line, the lure will not rise too high due to the surface tension of the line and can be traced in a constant depth. Easy to use for catching suspended bass and fishing in harbors.
(Suitable nylon line: 4 to 8lbs)

Super tight rolling action
A plump body with an ideal air volume in the body realizes the snappy action of a highly buoyant balsa minnow. This eliminates the minimal action of conventional small size lures, which is difficult to transmit to the rod, and transmits a light, racy action to the hand. The lure boasts an excellent stable action from ultra slow to fast speed, regardless of where it is used, in lakes or mountain streams.

Vertical center of gravity shift
The new multi-purpose center of gravity shifting mechanism raises the center of gravity with the impact of a twitch or slight pump and retrieve. Anyone can easily create a fluttering action. This action is effective when there is no response to the normal retrieve.