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Condition: New
Length: 9inch, 7inch , 5inch
Weight: 3-1/4oz, 1-1/4oz , 7/8oz
Type: Sinking

A "quiet" swimbait that swims well even at slow speeds

Tailor-made for slow retrieves, MAGSLOWL is a swimbait built to lure predators with a sultry tail kick. Unlike the MAGDRAFT, MAGSLOWL’s head section is intended to stay still, concentrating action in the thin, shapely tail section. The softer, tapered tail material activates with the slightest movement, undulating side-to-side with an extremely natural and realistic swimming action. Softer material is key for slower retrieves and colder waters, making MAGSLOWL an ideal match for the medium retrieve speed of the head-shaking and tail-wobbling MAGDRAFT.


The neodymium magnet built into the body generates a powerful magnetic field that guides the hook to the appropriate position even in water pressure. In addition to reducing the water flow resistance on the hook, the magnet's own weight is also configured as one of the balancer parts to create body balance, producing a smooth and natural action.

Ultra-thin shaped tail

The body design pursues action response. The tail is specially designed to swim well even on a slow retrieve, as you can clearly see by comparing it to the MAGDRAFT.

Original Long Feather Hook

The original long feather hook (SLOWL FEATHER HOOK) installed on the Magslowl not only improves the stability of the action,
but also reduces the discomfort of the hook from fish and creates a unique action that attracts them with the shimmering of the feather.
* All colors come standard with a white feather hook