Unused MARGAY SW YAMAHA Color 1998

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Condition: Unused
Length: 68mm
Weight: 7g
Type: Sinking

The Gulf Coast's ace in the hole gets a new look !

The Margay's trick action fishing method has quickly ignited seabass fishing in Tokyo Bay, and to date, many anglers have praised the Margay's effectiveness in introducing seabass to the bay. The ultra-slim body creates a unique "fluttering" motion when twitched, forcing many Seabass anglers to switch on the lure that they have failed to catch so far. The Margay SW has been given a unique saltwater tune and is equipped with a super high specific gravity weight. The super high specific gravity and instantaneous movement of the center of gravity mass in the multi-purpose center of gravity shifting structure (PAT.) creates an amazing trick action. Outstanding cast accuracy to accurately pinpoint structure in deep harbors even in strong winds. The unique trick action of the Margay is the magic of the Margay, as it boldly attracts large sea bass that would not respond to a straight retrieve of a minnow.

New lineup with the latest color patterns
(DD : Diamond Dust )

Multi-purpose center-of-gravity shifting structure (PAT.)