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Condition: New
Length: 180mm
Weight: 72g
Type: Floating

Downsizing the Megadog !
What was improved was the explosive power on the surface of the water !

The miracle bait MEGADOG180, which drives monster sea bass and all other big fish into a feeding frenzy, allows for strategic game development based on the size of the whitefish and mullet being preyed upon. What are the factors that make surface baits selective targets for predators?" The MEGADOG180 is a new generation of bait for big baits and topwater games. MEGADOG180 makes big bait topwater fishing even easier and more exciting.

Size Comparison

MEGADOG: 220mm
MEGADOG180: 180mm

Double Inertial Balancer System

The pencil is equipped with an inertial balancer system at two locations that maintains an appropriate distance from the action fulcrum and exerts centrifugal force to move the weight. This system enables a mega-sized pencil to produce a precise sliding action under any conditions.

Power Swivel and Stainless Penetrating Wire

The hook eye is equipped with an ultra-high-strength power swivel with high tracking performance. In addition, a 1.2mm-diameter ultra-thick stainless steel through-hole wire is integrated into the hook eye for a complete armament. This is a special specification to reduce the risk of splattering by the strong head shaking of huge targets, and to ensure a secure landing even if the body is destroyed.