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Condition: Used (crack on the intake dome on the belly)
Length: 72mm
Weight: 13g
Type: Floating

With its excellent stabilizing characteristics, high snagless performance against structure, and amazing high-pitch wobble action, the Cyclone series can capture resident fish that could only be caught with soft baits.
The Cyclone series is a super crank bait that brings cover cranking to a higher level.
MR-X Cyclone is a model for catching resident big fish hiding in mid-range deep structure. The small-diameter high specific gravity tungsten weight on the front of the body and the flat balancer mounted on the rear of the body create a crisp, ultra-fast pitch rolling action, making it super silent to sneak up on super lunkers lurking in deep structure. After contact with the structure, the lure rolls at a high pitch, entangling itself in the slightest crevice or hole in the cover. The MR-X Cyclone is a silent sniper that can lick all the way to the inside of the tetrapod hole and kill super lunkers in the cover with high probability.

Stobilizing Water Flow System (PAT.)
When retrieving, the water flow captured by the lip is captured by the mouth part and merges with the pool in the head of the body and pressurizes it. The center of gravity is unevenly distributed in the head, creating a slanting position that prevents the lure from being rooted.
The water flow taken into the pool in the head is pressurized by the retrieve, and is then divided into the left and right sides of the eyes (both eyes) to suppress the upward flow and lift force. In combination with the jet stream discharged at high pressure from the intake dome on the belly, the Cyclone swims in close contact with the structure it comes into contact with. At any retrieve speed, the lure can make dense contact with structure.

Draws out super lunkers lurking deep in mid-coverage
MR-X Cyclone perfectly targets mid-structures up to 2.5M range. As soon as the lure hits the water and the retrieve starts, it produces a super high pitch rolling action. After contacting the bottom, the lure rolls and makes tight contact with the structure. The Cyclone can be used with a straight retrieve at an up-tempo pace against the big fish that have been trying a slow approach with Texas rigs and rubber jigs.