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Condition: New
Length: 24mm
Weight: 1.5g
Type: Floating

Say goodbye to the bug pattern of the past !

NANO SIGLETT, the world's smallest feather lure that bass suck in without hesitation, is the result of ITO Engineering's nanocraft technology. Not only does it bring further ultra-precision processing to the micro lure modeling technology, but it also sculpts the lure with an exquisite hydro-balance that produces an extremely consistent and perfect action, which is impossible to achieve with a lure of such a tiny size. The tiny Haruzemi, only 2 cm in length, crawls with a high pitch action. Few bass will be able to ignore the stimulation. Cast it to an overhang spot and you are sure to catch it.

A true insect, the world's smallest wing lure.

Equipped with a custom-made thin-shaft W hook to hook even the weakest bites