O.R.C. BURNING SHAD Limited Color SP-C

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Condition: New
Length: 58mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

Super fast drive impact !

The Burning Shad is a small shad that maximizes the "roll drive impact" in a compact body. The amazing super-fast roll like an engine that has shaken off the rev limiter is due to the "rising and falling principle" of GYRO Balancing LBO. There is no need to pull the lure as fast as you used to in order to get the flickering effect, and even with a slow retrieve, the lure produces sharp flickering and dynamic stirring waves at a wide angle.
When the rod tip is lowered, it can be leveled and rolled just below the water surface at a very slow speed, resulting in many chasing bites from the middle layer. The Gyro Balancer, which rhythmically strikes the inner wall of the body to increase the sound echo volume, emits a hard clicking sound that appeals to neutral fish. The body design, which dramatically improves cover avoidance ability, and the well-thought-out hook position also make it suitable for cover cranking.


The synergistic effect of the LBO II, which is the action roll axis, and the newly developed Gyro Balancing System works on the "rising and falling principle" to generate super high-speed roll action that emits overwhelming flickering even on a slow retrieve.