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Condition: Unused (scratches)
Length: 110.5mm
Weight: 3/8oz
Type: Floating

The LAPSTICK is a teasing stick bait developed for expert anglers who want to intentionally create feeding opportunities even in tough surface conditions. As a special function lure that cannot be substituted for any other genre of lure, it has a unique setting that approaches the essence of a teaser (a lure that creates opportunities for bites). The double unequal length props, combined with the bait-like slim body, generate a strong live bait impact. The LAPSTICK unleashes an overwhelming teasing appeal that can force neutral fish to turn into feeding fish. When used with a sharp short jerk, the center of gravity shifts instantaneously to the center of the body creating excellent castability and flight posture. The rounded, flat belly (abdomen) slides with the water and dives with a splash! The writhing rolling action imitates the escape of a live bait. It shows amazing surface destructive power and fish-collecting ability not only for bass fishing, but also for sea bass and dolphin fish games.

■ Slim body, but it flies!
   (Equipped with center-of-gravity shifting system)
■ Two irregular props produce a realistic boil sound that has never been heard before.
■ The slim body and flat belly, combined with the center of gravity shift, produces a realistic writhing escape and diving action!
■ Quick response to continuous show and jerk.
    A responsive prop bait that is extremely easy to use.
■ Well-balanced setting thoroughly pursued.
    Reliably attracts even in rough water.
■ Catch the rough attack that breaks the surface of the water.
■ Wide gabe and nemuri hook.