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Condition: Used
Length: 115mm
Weight: 14g
Type: Floating

Equipped with LBO II
New ONETEN SW model for flying !

Equipped with the new generation instant center of gravity shifting system "LBO II", the ONETEN LBO SW dramatically improves castability in headwinds, allowing for an impressive super long approach even under a headwind blast. In addition, the low center of gravity of the LBO II and the coaxial and synchronized action and force points make it possible to start the action instantly from the moment you put your hand on the reel handle. The bite opportunities that occur as soon as the lure hits the water contribute to an overwhelming expansion of the prey zone. The sharp high-pitch roll action created by the ultra-low center of gravity has been raised to another dimension, and the wide angle roll action that has been impossible with conventional ball-weighted center-of-gravity shifting minnows has resulted in overwhelming flashing. It produces a flickering effect that emits light over a wide area. Not only for sea bass, but also for game fish such as flatfish and demersal trout, the ONETEN LBO SW provides superb comfort and overwhelming fishing results.


1. Equipped with the LBO system, the maximum casting distance is increased by 20% (With Megabass Products).
2. The inertial impact generated by the super-low resistance weight.
3. The devastating action response that allows for instant swimming.