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Condition: New
Length: 110mm
Weight: 7/16oz
Type: Floating

Float and catch !
One Ten R Tuned Model !

The "Hi-Float" is a secret tuned model of the "ONETEN R" that is extremely powerful in high water temperatures where weeds and grass are thriving. Shinji Sato, the leading authority on the so-called "floatation pattern," has now released this model for use with special methods. The most popular method is to float the lure
by jerking it 2 times in the open area above weeds and grass.
For application, cast it tight around cover such as bushes, reeds, and laydowns inshore, or around structure such as piers and rocks, and 2-jerk to float the lure. The explosive power of the ONETEN-R "Hi-FLOAT" alone is something we honestly wanted to keep a secret, but only Shinji Sato, a professional guide who wants to see many anglers' smiles, was able to release this model.