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Condition: New
Length: 75mm / 86mm
Weight: 20g / 30g
Type: Sinking

Fishing Custom for Spanish Mackerel !

ONIMARU is the final answer to metal vibrations with a special balance setting based on research and testing empirical rules based on marine fish behavior. By clearly highlighting the ley lines on the body of a fleeing sardine, Onimaru brings into focus the element of a "prey" that is most likely to be preyed upon by seabass and yellow tail, which have excellent line vision.
The horizontal swimming posture, faithfully imitating the silhouette of a fleeing small fish, maintains a constant roll axis at any speed and produces a life-like high-pitched vibration. It stimulates the predatory instincts of fish-eaters that chase baitfish. The swiveled front eye improves the lure's ability to follow twisting and gill washing during a fight, greatly reducing the risk of fish breaking the lure. Furthermore, the line eye position, hook position, body shape, weight balance, etc. have been carefully designed to minimize hook entanglement problems with the line and body.
This is the ultimate search bait for all saltwater targets,
including sea bass, black sea bream, flatfish, and yellow tail.

Horizontal swimming posture faithfully imitating the silhouette of a small fish.

Swivel front eye to reduce hook-out and thick hooks to withstand the strong pull of Spanish mackerel and yellowtail.