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Condition: New (box have some damages)
Length: 64.5mm
Weight: 5/16oz
Type: Floating

The first delivery of the early PATX was made of wood to emphasize water-hugging, but the current RATX has a balsa body to enhance its surface spreading ability through top water game.
The "RATX Jr" has a high-float balsa body like the current RATX in order to create dynamic wave action despite its compact body.

A fun way to spend a weekend. The RATX is a special handmade plug that embodies Pagani's philosophy of "exciting slow fishing" by releasing environmentally integrated fishing tackle. Just retrieve it and it will "roll and turn hard". The RATX has a magical action behind its funny appearance, which is designed to stimulate lunker fish that have become accustomed to the traditional stimulation of the tail.
Its powerful and unique wave action is created by the "gourd" body which multiplies the ripples. It can be used as a floating buzzbait on a "straight retrieve" through the water's surface. In pin-spot areas, it can be used as a "stay and dog-walk" bait by making full use of rod work. The Pagani RATX has the fishing potential to explode the surface of the water on the weekend.